The city art project Chisinau Is ME continues its work, and today „settled” in the Aventura Parc the second character of the legendary folk duo – Tindala. Now Pacala will not be bored without his companion, and all the adventures that friends have experienced, they will be able to tell not only to each other, but also to the visitors of the park.

The artists of the project note that as soon as they saw these two shields, immediately there was an idea to draw there some famous pair. And since in the Valea Morilor park the Moldovan heroes are depicted on the shields, the decision came by itself – only Tindala and Pacala.

Chisinau Is ME expresses its gratitude to the company Caparol for the given paints, and to the printing houses Poliviz-Design for the funds based on which tools were purchased to work on the new art object.


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