TV set

In Chisinau, there appeared one more resident. The project
Chisinau is ME gave the city a new reason for joy.
A little cheerful TV set, which, it seems,
has lost, now will live next to a shop near
the Asachi lyceum, near the intersection of Pushkin and
31 August streets. More precisely, near the „Feeder”,
a well-known place, where bikers and
various informal people gather.

The new object is the smallest of all that has so far
created the Chisinau is ME. Its height
is not more than 10 centimeters.
It looks like the secondary heroes of the
artoons Hayao Miyazaki, who live their
own lives, and do not affect the plot at all.
The TV set, settled in our city, now joyfully
looks through its tuning table at the passers-by,
making people smile and exclaim: „Look, a TV set!”


Пресса о проекте

orashl meu