Sun Da-i Fest

This Sunday, June 21, in Moldova, once again passed the Sun Da-i Fest!

What is it, and for whom does it take place?

Sun Da-i Fest – a festival that promotes (in a good sense of the word) the solar energy. Wind turbines, solar collectors, photovoltaic panels and geothermal heat pumps only sound scary. In fact, these engineering innovations can help us save the resources of the planet Earth.

This is what has become the goal of the festival Sun Da-i Fest.

In general, the energy in its pure form Smiley „smile”

One of the most interesting moments was the concert of the foreign band Heymoonshaker. And the whole concert was fed at the expense of that very clean energy of the sun Smiley „smile”

And we could not stay away! The project Chisinau Is Me, aimed at refinement of our city, invited visitors to exchange ideas (which hovered in a bee swarm in the air) on branded t-shirt.