Monument to 1 banut

Friends, tomorrow our project Chisinau is ME turns two years old! Every day, with the help of colors and imagination, we make our city brighter and more expressive. During this time we were able to create 22 art objects. But our greatest pride was the monument to the coin, which was today opened near the central building of the ASEM (Academy of Economic Education of Moldova). This monument was conceived for a long time and we really wanted to give the city such an installation, but the possibility of its installation appeared only now.

It really looks very cool – the diameter of the new art object is 170 cm. Initially, the coin is „incorrect”, since the coat of arms on the reverse is placed upside down, which is a very valuable finding from the point of view of numismatics: such a coin is rare and brings luck to the owner. Perhaps, the installation will not only be an art object, but also a monetary mascot of the city.

The art object was the result of cooperation with the site of free ads, for which many thanks to it. We hope that the monument to the coin will be a popular place for photographing and meeting. Be sure to visit the coin, make selfie and expose it with the hash-tag


Пресса о проекте