Small square animals

Friends, here imagine: you go such, all of yourself serious, to a bank or to a hospital, and then – here! – on the way appears a pink elephant in an embrace with a square raccoon. You, of course, will rub your eyes and think: „Well, what a nonsense?” But this is not a nonsense, it’s a real art object from the well-known urban project Chisinau is ME. The animals did indeed appear in the city. Boring, inconspicuous concrete flowerbeds at the intersection of the Armeneasca and 31 August 1989 Streets turned into nine cheerful representatives of the animal world.

The artists of the project decided that in the normal life, these designs do not attract attention at all, and with the onset of cold weather, they will be quite ugly. Therefore, in order to dilute the general background, bright colors were chosen, which would certainly raise the mood to those who pass by.

Chisinau is ME, a non-commercial city art project of the company Simpals, thanks its partners CAPAROL Moldova and Poliviz Design for the provided paints and project support. And also a special gratitude for the assistance of the praetor of the Centru sector  – Oleg Poiata.


Пресса о проекте