Rubik’s Cube

The city art project Chisinau is ME prepared for the Chisinau residents a new art object. This time the artists’ brushes transformed the air duct of the ventilation shaft in the yard of the children’s hospital along Bucuresti Street. A cumbersome cube of incomprehensible color caused discouragement and did not fit into the surrounding landscape at all. The initiative group decided to make from it something good and cheerful. Especially because around there are often children going to the hospital. Therefore, Chisinau is ME decided to add a lot of different bright colors and painted the air duct under the sides of the famous puzzle – Rubik’s Cube.

Artists note that such an object in an unexpected for many places will attract attention and necessarily raise the spirits of passers-by and those who in the morning go to work. Chisinau is ME, non-commercial city art project of the company Simpals, thanks its partners CAPAROL Moldova and Poliviz Design for the provided paints and project support. Special thanks we want to express to the leadership of the children’s hospital.